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Health is a state of balance where energy flows uninterrupted through body, mind, soul & spirit. Our ability to measure this process takes the guess work out of health care.

Why Guess, When You Can Be Sure

University of California at Berkely Reports


Never in the history of science or medicine have we been able to objectively and scientifically measure the integration process of body, mind, soul and spirit - Until Now!  By applying principles of physics to the human electrical structure we have gained a new paradigm of understanding ourselves and our environment.

Finally we have the ability to harmonize a better you. By combining Genetics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Nutirition we are able to identify your genetic predispositions and customize a nutritional health program specifically designed to restore you to perfect health.

No blood is required; a simple, non-invasive, urine and saliva test reveals any imbalances in your biological terrain or psycho-spiritual composition. Based on sixty years of research and development the I AM (Ionization Analysis Method) emerges as a mode of evaluation and healing that is multi-dimensional in its scope, yet profoundly simple in application. 


We are now able to detect with remarkable accuracy, the location and severity of physical and metaphysical energy losses, prior to symptoms appearing. Information from this analysis gives us insights into the who, what, where, when how and why these energy losses occurred. It explains how or why our lives are inefficient, identifying emotional and physical patterns that continue to rob us of our health, wealth, romance and success.


Always specific, I AM identifies who you are on every level, every dimension, every facet and every aspect of your life. I AM has achieved the perfect convergence of science, technology, health and spirituality resulting in an unprecedented and unparalleled ability to see past, present and future energy patterns and concepts of being that translate into our personal reality. This knowledge is revolutionary - transformational and profoundly life changing!

What You Don’t Know - Can Hurt You!

All Problems are Caused by Not Knowing the Solution!
Find the Solution Within You!

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Varah Siedlecki,
is internationally recognized and respected as an authority in Processing Theory and Quantum Healing. Her formal education spans many years of clinical research and development. Trained as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, she presently serves as Executive Trustee for Perfect Health Solutions and Director of Education and Development for the Biological Immunity Research Institute. Dr. Siedlecki resides in South Florida where she enjoys working as a health educator, bio-analyst and life consultant. She has written numerous text books on the Ionization Analysis Method (IAM) including: Signature of the Soul, The Human Element, and Elemental Consciousness. She is a dynamic speaker and is available for seminars, workshops, personal consultation or private instruction. Dr. Siedlecki may be contacted via email at:




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