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As we age an inevitable decline occurs in our physical and mental health.  We strive through controlled diet, exercise and taking nutritional supplements to avoid these debilitating aspects of ageing.  

In the early 1950's, Dr. Ana Aslan of Romania took the world by storm with her anti-aging formulas GH3 and ASLAVITAL
™.  Hundreds of thousands of studies were done showing  the benefits for health and as an anti-aging phenomena. Many famous movie stars and heads of state benefited from her effective anti-aging protocol. Featured on 60 minutes TV News with Mike Wallace, GH3 quickly became known as the "Anti-aging Secret of the Rich and Famous".



GH3 and ASLAVITAL™ have been used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe with great benefits.  Dr. Aslan's GH3 and ASLAVITAL™ are the most effective supplements we know of to help the body's immune system counter the invading stress of modern diseases.


-  Elimination of chronic fatigue and apathy
-  Improvement of cognitive functions
-  Improvement of efficiency and concentration
-  Improvement in mobility and arthritic symptoms
-  Regeneration and tightening of facial skin and body tone
-  Regulation of insomnia, irritability and depression
-  Regulation of hair growth and color
-  Regulation of blood pressure, vascular system and varicose veins
-  Regulation of glands and hormones
-  Regulation of weight and under-development
-  Reversing senility and improving memory




The main active ingredient of GH3, Procaine Hydrochloride, is created by combining two water soluble B-vitamins:  para-amino benzoic acid (PABA) and diethylaminoethanol (DEAE). Both are found within the body and are important for good health.
The basic ingredients of the GH3 formula have become well known: procaine hydrochloride, ascorbic acid, citric acid, benzoic acid, potassium metabisulphite and disodium phosphate. Interviews with biochemists and laboratory pharmacist have stressed the correct formulation is essential for it to have any beneficial effect.
Dr. Aslan improved upon the basic Procaine substance and developed a far superior compound.  Many people have copied the name and attempted to copy the formula, but it has never been duplicated. The formula is still a State secret in Romania and the manufacture of the original formula is still restricted to that country.



Dr. Gary Martin was first introduced to the formula in 1994. For 12 years he has been searching through copycat source after copycat source trying to find the ORIGINAL source of this wonderful formula. Having FINALLY connected with the SOURCE. he saw amazing things happen to people using this original formula. While looking for the original source, he developed a dietary supplement that had much of the same properties and still produced wonders for people, but nothing can compare to the real thing.


Many imitations have become available worldwide.  Don't settle for less than the authentic GH3. Authentic GH3 and ASLAVITAL® must be imported from Romania. To insure that the formula is the original, Dr. Ana Aslan's personal signature is on every bottle and every box. The problem is that some copycats have now forged this on their products, so you no longer can use this as verification that you have the REAL product. One way you can tell if you have the real thing is to see if the GH3 contains 25 tablets, the ASLAVITAL® has 24 tablets and you have Romanian language printed on both the boxes and the bottles. Anything else is counterfeit and NOT the real thing. Believe me, there is a huge difference. If you find the product for less money than what you can get it from us, please contact me because there IS a reason why and you NEED to know what that reason is.


GH3 and ASLAVITAL® have been used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe, with great benefits. When Dr. Aslan reformulated GH3 in 1980, she created a product that was even more effective in helping the body's immune system counter the invading stress of modern diseases.


There are few adverse reactions to taking either GH3 or ASLAVITAL®. For a few who have a reaction to Procaine, it can give the user a prickly sensation or a slight rash. If the symptoms continue, an allergy test should be done. Any symptom is a sign that the pills are working and they usually disappear as soon as the body adjusts to the new elements being introduced. If there is any adverse reaction, consider reducing the dosage by half for a week or two. Neither GH3 nor ASLAVITAL® will interfere with prescription medication.


The pills are round and enteric coated. They are easy to swallow. Take two pills in the morning at least 1 hour before your first meal with a full glass of water. This will help the pills reach the small intestine where they will work their magic.

* Severe Chronic Degeneration: 2-ASLAVITAL®/a.m. and 2-GH3/p.m.
* Chronic Degeneration: 2-ASLAVITAL®/a.m. and 1-GH3/p.m.
* Acute Degeneration: 1 ASLAVITAL® and 1 GH3/a.m.
* Preventative Anti-Aging: 2-GH3/a.m. or 2-ASLAVITAL/a.m.

Give the pills at least a 3-month period of use before making a final judgment. A 6-month evaluation is even better, depending on what ails you and for how long it
has been a problem for you. It takes time for the body to go through its "cell regeneration" process, both to oppose illness as well as being an important anti-aging nutrient.


We will be reporting more on this wonderful anti-aging product as the days roll on, but I wanted to get this special announcement to you immediately. I have a small supply on hand for those who are interested. I suggest you order at least a 6-months supply because sometimes shipments from Romania can be interrupted for any number of reasons.


ASLAVITAL® = $39.95 per bottle.
6 bottles are only $179.70 (Save $60).

GEROVITAL® (GH3) = $34.95 per bottle.
6 bottles are only $149.70. (Save $60).

GEROVITAL® (GH3) = 25 tabs
ASLAVITAL® = 24 tabs



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