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"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper,

and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."



As time marches on, achy joints, wrinkles, dimming vision and loss of youthful enthusiasm beset us.  These mild symptoms of aging serve to remind us of the passing hands of time.  More acute symptoms like allergies, constipation, psoriasis or high blood pressure gives us reason to pause from life and address their annoying demands.  As acute symptoms give way to more chronic symptoms, like heart disease, strokes and cancer, we come face to face with our mortality.

As a society we have come to accept these symptoms of dis-ease as synonymous with aging.  Although aging is a certainty in life, the dis-ease process is not. 



For every dis-ease there are two aspects, physical (body) and metaphysical (mind, emotions, spirit).  Health is the expression of balance between these two aspects.   Symptoms of dis-ease are experienced when this balance is interrupted.  Energy is required to maintain this balance.  A loss of energy is the ONE CAUSE of all disease.   

Every aspect of our being is sustained by energy.    A loss of energy, or imbalance of energy, causes various symptoms to appear.  Depending on how long the energy loss or imbalance has existed, will determine the severity of symptoms.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not need to be complicated.   Simple changes in your lifestyle can produce tremendous results.  By restoring energy and balance, the mild annoyances, acute symptoms and yes, even the chronic more serious life threatening symptoms of dis-ease can be reversed.   The truth is there are no un-curable dis-eases.  

  Restored Energy + Restored Balance = Perfect Health

There are nine universal principles of healing that assist in restoring energy and balance.  When we incorporate these universal principles into our lives the default is perfect health.

The nine principles are:

1. Fresh Air & Sunshine

2. Pure Water

3. Nutritious Whole Foods

4. Exercise

6. Rest

7. Rhythm

8. Temperance (Self Control)

9. Trust in Divine Providence

Integrating the above principles into our lives provides a sure foundation upon which to build our health, and perhaps even turn back the hands of time.

More information on integrating these health principles into your life is available at our website:  Click Here.






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