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that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."






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10 Day Liver-Kidney Cleanse

Additional Recommendations

Alkaline-Acid Foods

Almond Blossom

Asthma Protocol

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Balance is Key

BIAS Client Access Instructions

BIAS Practitioner Data Entry

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Calcium Factor


Calcium Types

Candida Yeast Test

Cell Salts

Childhood Vaccines

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First Holy Thing



Food Combining

Fortified Is Fake


Gazpacho Fizz


Green Tea Instead of Diet Drinks

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Lemon Water

Lemon Wisdom

Listen to Your Body


Liver Cleanse

Living Your Soul Pattern



Mineral Foods


Most Important Organ

No Free Oil

Nutritional Broth

Onion Soup

Orange Triplex

Oxygen Remedy

Pilgrim's Punch

pH Breakfast

pH Info Sheet

pH Recording Form

pH Understanding

Pina Perrier

Potato Peeling Broth

Principles of Energy

Principles of Frequency

Principles of Healing


Rejuv 7 Day Diet


Toenail Fungus

Turn Back Time

Take Charge of Your Health


Self-test for pH

Skin Brushing

Skin Vitality Drink


Soft Drinks


Stress 1

Stress 2

Sun Theanine

The Drag-on Your Life

Turn Around Diet

Understanding pH

Water: Just the Facts

Water Healing Properties

Water: Why Distilled?


Yankee Winter Drink

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