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Since 1975 the Ionization Analysis Method (IAM) has been an excellent metabolic biofeedback device to indicate whether a particular lifestyle is beneficial or detrimental. The IAM technique provides the most benefit to society than any wellness technique currently available. You will notice a difference in how you look and feel within a matter of days.


To receive your IAM profile, select one of the options given below.  Simply send us your lab results, or mail your specimens with completed Questionnaire.



Option 1) Request an IAM specimen mailing kit, that allows you to send your urine/saliva specimens to our certified lab analyst.  Test results will be forwarded to you and a comprehensive consultation, will be scheduled to explain the results. To request an IAM specimen mailing kit, simply contact us



Option 2) No lab (urine/saliva) test is required.  Complete an online Questionnaire, which is lengthy, but is definitely worth your effort. Once we have received your completed Questionnaire, and the results have been compiled, you will be contacted and your report will be forwarded to you.  A consultation will be scheduled to assist you in understanding the results.


Note: When using the Questionnaire in conjunction with IAM options 1 and 2, the minimum requirement is to complete at least the first two pages of the Questionnaire.

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