The BIA is a comprehensive scientific system based on mathematical principles by which we can understand how biological life develops and functions.
This model explains the multi-dimensional cause and effect of dis-ease—namely, the depletion, distortion, disruption and destruction of the ideal electro-chemical environment of the basic molecular components and subcomponents of the cells.  
The BIA is an objective method by which we can gain an unparalleled understanding of the human condition and its potential for healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.
To achieve success in nutrition it is necessary to have the ability to measure the cause and effect of applied nutrition. The BIA measures the cause and effect of applied nutrition and gives us the ability to detect potential health problems prior to symptoms appearing.  
This unique pre-diagnostic system indicates which nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, raw juice therapy, or dietary and lifestyle recommendations are necessary to balance the body chemistry and restore perfect health.